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Spiritual Gifts Test

While we believe that every person has been GOD-gifted talents, we hope this Spiritual Gifts test will help you in discovering how you are uniquely gifted to serve in the church and impact communities.
Please take a moment to start the Spiritual Gifts Test by clicking on the link below for the picture to the left. 
Do not respond on the basis of what you think you ought to say. Rather, respond on the basis of your interest, experience and what you really LIKE doing. Do not let modesty hinder you from answering honestly about your abilities. 

Spiritual Gifts Test
Now that I have completed my "Spiritual Gift's Test",
what do I do?


We pray the Spiritual Gifts Test was a blessing to you and offered some insight as to where God may be leading you.  Your next step would be to see where God would have you serve and connect with one of our Pastors or Ministry Leaders by going to the MINISTRIES page.

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